Home Environment

Evaluate home for structural alterations that will be beneficial for comfort and safety
Connect with builder / remodeler to complete any size project
Suggest financial resources 
Oversee renovations

Community Resources

Discuss community resources available to address needs
Connect with support services
Assist with management of services 

Financial Options

Evaluate personal finances to determine the best way to pay for services 
Assist with Veteran’s benefits
Coordinate completion of forms
Research financial programs
Review Medicare options

Physical or Health Care Needs

Review present and prepare for future health care needs 
Evaluate options when leaving hospital or rehabilitation facility
Share knowledge of comfort and safety equipment available
Assist in navigating the health care and resource systems 

Family Meeting
Decide to remain at home or move
Assemble committed support system
Develop communication system
Schedule tasks for support system
Create plan of action
Assist in locating new home environment if making that transition
Evaluate POA, Health Advocate, 
Guardianship, and/or Executor services